Keith Westbrook

I am originally from Benton, Arkansas where I was a graduate in the year 2000.  I attended college at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Music Education.  I have been married for fourteen years to my wife Lisa, and we have two beautiful daughters, Layla and Sophie, and one awesome son, Maddux.  I am beginning my twelfth year here at Hoxie.

If you've been to any Mustang sporting event or assembly, you have no doubt seen, or at least heard me, as I am the unofficial "Voice of the Mustangs."  I enjoy helping out in all that I can because I love to see students get involved and take ownership of their school.  I want them to look back on their time at Hoxie as a great time in their lives.

I am excited to continue overseeing the development and growth of our EAST program here at Hoxie.  Last year was an exciting experience for us and I am looking forward to seeing what our kids will create this school year!

If you ever need to get in touch with me, you may e-mail me by clicking the link below:

Class Room News

Using Sketch-Up, you are going to design and create a new city park for the city of Hoxie that incorporates the following elements listed below.  Your design should have a flow to it and not just everything crammed on top of one another.  Think of other parks you have been to or might have seen when planning your layout.


Things Your Park Will Need:


  1. A Playground, with several different types of playground equipment


  1. A walking path around the perimeter of the park


  1. A pond


  1. A designated “dog park” area with equipment for dogs to run and play


  1. A baseball field


  1. A softball field


  1. Two Basketball courts


  1. A soccer/football field


  1. A swimming pool


  1. A Picnic Pavilion


You may work with only ONE other person on this assignment.  It will be worth 100 points, or the equivalent of 10 journals.

Using Sketch-Up:

Design a 1 Bedroom apartment or dorm room that incorporates the following elements:

1. A sleeping area

2. A dining area

3. A living area

4. A storage closet

5. A separate bathroom

Your designs need to be completed by Friday, May 4th.

Over the past 40 years, video games have become a part of almost every American household.  They have grown from a tiny dot bouncing back and forth across a screen, to fully developed, cinematic story lines played out over the course of an entire series.  We can play them on our televisions, on our computers, or hold them in the palm of our hands.

Create a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that looks at how video games are made.  What software is used in their production?  It may be helpful to choose one particular game to focus your research on for this assignment.  

How many people worked on the project to bring this game to life?  How long did it take to develop this game?  How many countries is it available in?  How many copies have been sold worldwide?  What company is the developer?  What other popular games have they developed?

Add any information you find interesting to your slideshow.

Email your PowerPoint presentations to me by Friday, April 27th. 

You have been tasked with the creation and design of a new auditorium to be used by Hoxie Public Schools and the community.  This will be a venue that can be used to host events and hopefully bring new life to the area.

Using SketchUp, design a one-building auditorium that incorporates the following design elements.

1. A stage

2. Stadium seating (Each row of seats is on a new level)

3. At least 1000 seats

4. A lobby at the front of your auditorium with 4 separate entrances into the hall.

5. A parking lot in the front of your building


For this week, you are going to look at leaders of industry in the various technology fields offered in this classroom.  For the EAST University category that you have identified as the most interesting, find a company that could be identified as a prominent business in the field.

Research the company that you have selected.  You may want to find things such as: when was the company founded, where are the headquarters located, who is the company president, how many employees, what other products does the company produce, and anything else that seems interesting.

Create an 8-Slide PowerPoint presentation about the company of your choice that incorporates your research in an interesting way.  E-mail your presentations to me by Friday, April 6th.