Melissa Huffman

I was born and raised in Pocahontas.  I graduated from Pocahontas High School in 2010.  After I graduated I continued my education at Arkansas State University to obtain a Secondary Teaching Degree in Math and graduated in 2014.  I begin my teaching career at Tuckerman High School.  I was hired on by Hoxie High School summer of 2015.  

This year I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade math.  I am SUPER excited.  

Other than teaching, I enjoy gardening, riding 4 wheelers and horses, and spending time with my husband and our families.  



  7th grade 8th grade
Monday 4/25

Sub - fractions worksheet

Sub - Fraction worksheet
Tuesday 4/26 Plotting points on a x, y coordinate plane Solve for y to make a linear eqaution
Wednesday 4/27 Plotting points on an x, y coordinate plane Review identifying slope and yintercept 
Thursday 4/28 Plotting points on an x, y coordinate plane Reiew graphing lines on a coodridnate plane 
Friday 4/29 Review for Test over plotting points Review graphing lines on a coodridante plane 
  Test on Monday or Tuesday Thanksgiving Break!