Chris Wagoner

Hello! Thanks for visiting our webpages. I am Coach Wagoner. I teach Science and History. I also coach the football and Jr. girls track teams. I grew up in Sedgwick and attended Hoxie through the 7th grade. We moved closer to Egypt and I graduated from Westside in 1981. I graduated in 1993 from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Animal Science. I taught at Bradford High school before coming to Hoxie. I am starting my 10th year at Hoxie and I look forward to helping you or your children whenever possible. Let me know if you need my assistance. Thanks, Chris.

Class Room News

We are studying the first people to arrive in Arkansas and moving through the pre-colonial period this week. We will have a formal assessment (test) this week. Students will complete a open resource quiz for a grade this week.