Kim Washburn

Welcome to my classroom page!

Teaching might be my second career, but it is my first "career" love. After completing my bachelor's degree from ASU, I was employed with LTL trucking companies for about 10 years. I transitioned into the education field as a teacher's aide at the Black Rock Preschool and a homevisitor with the H.I.P.P.Y. program at the NEA Coop.

When I witnessed the impact I could have in children's lives by helping them learn and grow, I returned to school and completed a Master of Arts in Teaching at Harding University. I student taught at Black Rock Elementary and substituted for a semester before completing my first year of certified teaching in third grade at Hoxie Elementary. I am excited to start my fifth year at Hoxie teaching 4th grade Math and I look forward to seeing some new faces this fall!

My husband and I have two sons that attend Hoxie Schools and we all bleed GREEN! Hoxie Schools is a great place to be!

Go Mustangs!

Weekly Information

Engage NY - webpage address

Select current module, then lesson to view the directions, instructions, & explanations of our lesson.


Khan Academy - webpage address

Videos are available at this site to show & explain how to work examples from module/lessons in Engage NY.  Practice problems are also available for each lesson which would be great reinforcement for the work we do in class. 


Renaissance Place (RenLearn)- webpage address for Home Connect 

This site can be used to practice at home what we are working on weekly in class for skills review & multiplication practice.

  7:45 – 8:00                          Morning Check-In/Bell Ringer

  8:00 – 8:20                          Washburn Homeroom fluency

  8:20 – 9:35                          1st Block 

  9:35 - 9:50                           2nd Block

  9:50 – 10:30                        Activity - Washburn Homeroom

                                              Monday - PE1

                                              Tuesday- Music

                                              Wednesday- PE2

                                              Thursday- Art

                                              Friday- Library

10:30 – 10:45                        2nd Block Continued

10:45 – 11:15                        Lunch

11:15 – 12:05                        2nd Block Continued

12:05 – 12:35                        Recess

12:35 –   1:50                        3rd Block

  1:50 –   3:00                        4th Block

  3:00 –   3:15                        End of the day routine/Dismissal