Dana Bigger

"HISTORY is the most colorful, dramatic, emotional, inspiring, outraging subject I can think of.  IT IS LIFE!"
                           --Presidential Historian, Richard Norton Smith


I have spent half my life at Hoxie School . . .  thirteen years as a student and thirteen as a teacher.  When asked why I teach history, I answer: ". . . because I love to tell the story."  I love our country, and I want my students to know as many  fascinating and inspiring stories as they can hold!  I believe that the more they know and understand about America, the more they will come to love it as well.  

We will study the world in sixth grade history class.  We will also work on our writing skills. 

My husband, Jim, and I have two sons--Sully and Jake.  I am happy to have a new daughter-in-law, Audrey, Sully's wife!  I have gone to the Oak Hill Church all my life, where I play piano and sing with the choir.

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